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A new hybrid watch for Space conquest dedicated to astronauts and galaxy’s travelers

A new chapter in Space conquest has started

May 27th : the first manned Space mission in more than a decade left the American soil, operated by a private company. This milestone closes the first tome of space conquest with a new spacecraft and a new space program.




Inspiring a new hybrid watch

A new era begins, opening the way for Space exploration and inspiring future pioneers to dream again of Space race and its infinite possibilities.


chronoscaphe hybrid watch in gold luxury tool for space explorers



Designed for Space conquest and astronauts

It’s also time for a new generation of tool watches dedicated to Space explorers, designed to fit their new Spacesuit, and addressed to their public. A Swiss design, paying attention to detail,dressing a groundbreaking innovative watchmakers’ calibre.


astronaut and his tool hybrid watch chornoscaphe by ak geneve



And also, a link between galaxy’s travelers and us

A personal companion offering more glanceable information and services on the dial to the astronauts and building a common experience between astronauts and the public. The timekeeping of a traditional automatic watch, a GMT bezel, and a digital chronograph while offering the best of connectivity and technology on a high-tech wristband.


chronoscaphe hybrid watch in steel limited edition watch for space



A groundbreaking timekeeper

We designed a direct link, a gate to the future of Space exploration: the «Chronoscaphe» collection. These are the first and unique watches of there kind. It’s a new milestone in watchmaking.




Combination between watchmaking & technologies

It’s a hybrid wristwatch collection that combine a traditional watchmaking appearance with light and resistant materials and the possibilities of the latest technologies.


up and down hybrid watch movement chronoscaphe by akgeneve

Hard work & dream

The «Chronoscaphe» is a luxury unisex watch born from a vision of the future and a tribute to the courage, optimism and hard work of those who conquer Space.


chronoscaphe hybrid watch in gold luxury tool for space lovers



For the future of Space exploration

The new features propose to the wearer a totally new way to live and share Space conquest experience with useful functions for Astronauts and for us, the public.


astronaut catches chronoscaphe hybrid watch by ak geneve in space


A galaxy's conquest tool

Take a seat, join the design team. We will send 100 mockups to our friends & suporters, to build together the best user experience.


chronoscaphe hybrid watch in titanium the companion in space conquest



Feel on your wrist

We will ask you to share the experience around you... (social media, friends…) interact with us and give your feedback, to improve our watch.

chronoscaphe mockup to help to build the watch for space

> Build with us the ultimate Space watch

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