inside the International Space station with the Chronoscaphe by Akgeneve

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Build with us the perfect space watch


A breakthrough watch

Chronoscaph’s size and shape are innovative and made on purpose. The bezel is 60mm diameter, while the case is 44mm.

Chronoscaphe hybrid watch dimensions by Akgeneve

To provide glanceable information

To blend mechanics and electronics at the heart of the watch, all the volumes have to be augmented and optimized.


inside the chronoscaphe, all the mechanical and electronic elements

On the wrist

The case was designed to help manipulations for space travelers’ gloved hand, but also to ensure a perfect fit with the human wrist anatomy.


man and his tool hybrid watch chronoscaphe by ak geneve 

With your feedback

With the Design Evaluation kit, we offer you the opportunity to interact with the design and engineering team to tell your feedback and to share your ideas.


Help the team

We can’t afford to offer a Design Evaluation Kit to everyone. This is why we ask you few questions on the bottom page, and this is why the number of seats is limited to 100.



To make all this possible we launched a fundraising campaign. We decided not to crowdfund, but to open 20% of our share capital to the public. This initial step will allow us to finance all the activities that we have to do until the sale, including the manufacturing and shipping of the 100 DEK. 
Today, we already have a functional proof of concept, a connected watch that we have developed and that works correctly but on which development remains to be done.
If you are interested or know of people who may be interested, a presentation is available on request.


let's work all together on Chronoscaphe's concept

To make the best watch experience

 Being invited among the 100 people to join the design team, is the opportunity to create altogether one of the best innovative watch experiences.


Get your Design Evaluation Kit

The design evalution kit is a box with a 3D printed mockup of the Chronoscaphe watch and with a Velcro strap to evaluate it on your wrist.


Chronoscaphe's mockup by Akgeneve, discover the volume

Sharing is Caring

It’s our gift (its free). Or almost free… We will only ask you to share your feedbacks and ideas with us and maybe some content with the public.

Welcome to the team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping rate, time & issues

Good news: shipping is worldwide free. On the other hand, we ask you to understand that we make grouped sendings to limit the costs. You will have an email with all the details of the shipment as soon as we send the shipment.

How will I know if I receive my Kit ?

If you have replied to the form, you will receive an email from us within 48 hours. If you don't see the email, consider checking your spam.

May I receive more than one Kit ?

Unfortunately no. We only have 100 kits, and we would like as many people as possible to test them.

How can we keep in touch ?

By email, Facebook or Instagram. It will always be a pleasure to discuss !


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