Astronaut and Chronoscaphe by Ak Genève lost in Space

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Time Is Not Important Life Is


Space watch of the future

With the smart module of a smart watch, the impossible dream becomes real. For the first time, a space watch is not only good to keep the time, but also to keep the astronaut safe, thanks to the sensors and the technology we engineered and dedicated to Space conquest and its needs.

Let’s dream to the future of Space watches with Chronoscaphe, the hybrid watch for a new generation of humans who will live the Space conquest.



Chronoscaphe luxury hybrid watch by Ak Genève in front of planet Hearth

Exclusives features dedicated to Space explorers

The Chronoscaphe is the essential tool the astronaut will have on his wrist.  For the first time a watch is a real on-board computer able to monitor the vital signs of the astronaut and his environment quality while telling the time.
This is why the watch is designed to fit into a space suit connector, which allows it to access the body of the space traveller and his immediate environment.

Chronoscaphe Toolwatch dial Titanium edition

Connection with the Space suit

The back of the watch is designed to fi t into a suit connector. It analyzes and shows on the display data from the life support system. Oxygen, CO2, temperature and energy levels are glanceable on the wrist.


Chronoscaphe by Ak Genève case separate from the bracelet



Control by gesture recognition module

On the watch face, there are 4 optical sensors and 4 laser beams that allows the system to recognize the gestures that control the watch. Essential to easily control the watch interface even when wearing gloves and in a hostile environment.

Control the Chronoscaphe hybrid watch by gesture recognition

Biometric sensors

Today a watch hasto provide health information, it’s a must have. For the cosmonaut we provide the same features, but augmented with their specific needs: body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate EGC, etc... are combined with air analysers providing information about the atmosphere in the space suit.

Biometric sensors at the back go the chronoscaphe by AK Genève

Haptic Feedback

When you can’t hear something, you feel it. When you wear a watch it’s not only about reading the information but also feeling. You can feel the alarm using the power of the haptic feedback. We provide augmented feelings from mechanical movement feedback or live features feedback, like a small vibration to have a physical sensation discreetly informing about a dangerous situation.


Augmented horological features

Chronoscaphe reinvent the horological features. Chronograph, time zones and Intermediate times and many other complications can also appear on the dial, depending of your needs.


A link between the astronauts and us

For the first time we will be able to create a live link between what the astronauts lives and their fans. We will all be able to live the experience of space conquest and feel the vibe through our hybrid watch. We try to establish partnerships with multiple Space agencies.

Chronoscaphe by AkGenève is the link between Astronaut and Human

If you were in Space, what other information would you like to read on your wrist?

Which other special features could be useful for our future space life? Besides, you may have in mind ideas for additional functions for the Chronoscaphe? Share your suggestion with us and together let’s build the most advanced Space watch.

Design Evaluation Kit of Chronoscaphe by Ak Genève

Technical Specifications


Amoled Dial

16.7m colors 360x360 dpi 31mm Ø

Hole in the middle for the hands shaft


Rechargeable lithium battery via radio frequencies and a power reserve of one week


Bluetooth 5.0/5.1/LE Combo, possibilities of WiFi and LTE 4G/5G

Operating system

Custom operating system allowing a perfect compatibility with Androïd and IOS


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