Mechanic and electronic parts combined in Hybrid movement of the Chronoscaphe


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Hybrid watch enhances luxury and tradition when both are combined in a single product



The Chronoscaphe imbricates electronic engineering and mechanical tradition. The watch incorporates a circuit in a traditional movement to provide an augmented horological experience. The dial is an amoled screen overhung by traditional hands. It can offer virtual complications and modularity of the display which were previously only available on smartwatches.


Smart module of Chronoscaphe by AkGenève, hybrid watch


Combining innovative materials such as AK's trademark

Since the begining, AK has always pioneered the use of new materials for its watches: carbon, titanium, ceramic, sapphire and perfluorinated rubber, among others. Everything is thought for the comfort and wonder of the senses at the heart of the specifications when designing a new material.




Nothing is impossible with composite materials


AK likes to use composite materials such as carbon, for their aesthetics, lightness and resistance. There is no particular situation where you cannot find a composite material capable of meeting the challenge. When the latter does not exist, AK’s cooking skills allow her to test the most unexpected recipes to meet the wildest challenges. Thus to realize the box of its previous model the: WARP it was necessary to develop a material combining nanomaterials and epoxy resin.


Carbon case designed by AK Genève

Other know-how: ceramics

Ceramics and composite ceramics, such as ceramic metal powders which combine properties that are sometimes diametrically opposed to obtain a scratch-resistant and light palladium, or a gold with special characteristics.

ceramic powder

Rubber as the material of choice for bracelets


Rubbers and other elastomers have as main weaknesses aging and resistance both to UV and to human skin and its oxidizing capacities. Here too AK has developed its own form of perfluorinated rubbers, which today allow it to offer almost wear-free and neutral straps and seals in its models for the wearer.


The founder's expertise

In the purest Swiss watchmaking tradition, AK develops its complications or its complete movements according to the project and the needs to be satisfied. This is how AK developed the first patented coaxial architecture movement in the world and used as the basis for the watch that a watchmaker dedicated to a famous automobile brand. AK is also the designer of the movement that equips its first WARP model released 10 years ago. It released a movement in digital jumping hours and minutes whose dimensions correspond to the needs of the asymmetrical box of the WARP.


first patented coaxial architecture movement by AK Genève

A unique know-how in hybridization


We can close this list with a skill, completely unique in the industry, developed by AK, namely the development and mastery of hybrid movements. These are either integrated hybrids, or they are digital complications that add to an existing movement. These two hybridization stages are perfectly mastered, with almost ten years of practice on its own models or on the achievements made for friendly brands, both in terms of hardware and proprietary software developed by AK.

Hybrid movement of the Chronoscaphe, by Ak Genève

Chronoscaphe collection

With its spatial functions, the chronoscaphe collection is dedicated to space, its adventurers and its enthusiasts. It builds on the tradition of watches sent to space for 70 years while adding new functions to the comfort of the astronaut and sharing with the public.


Chronoscaphe hybrid luxury watches collection by AK Genève

A limited series Steel 904 L


A unique version of the chronoscaphe limited to 500 copies with a case entirely in Steel 904L. This watch is a tribute to all the precursors of the space conquest, so it needed a version in an essential material.

Steel limited edition of the Chronoscaphe by Ak Geneve

The rest of the Collection combines materials such as titanium, gold and carbon


Titanium gold and carbon are skilfully dosed while lightness and robustness to combine technicality and dressed elegance. Creating a hybrid watch with regard to its heart, also had to impose the creation of hybrid skins.

Gold and carbon edition Chronoscaphe, hybrid watch

Titanium, the metal of all challenges


Titanium is lighter than steel, more elastic, does not corrode and in Grade 5 alloy it is not only biocompatible, but it can also be satin and polished.

Titanium makes it possible to create structures resistant to stress and pressure. It is the metal that makes up the legendary spy plane "SR-71 Blackbird" and many planes from the former USSR. It is used for the construction of propellants (rockets) and also for the structure of spacecraft, especially for its perfect compatibility with carbon.

Whether it is a bathyscaphe sphere, a spacecraft, or a racing car, titanium is found as the metal of all challenges, resisting all constraints and pressure.

Titanium edition Chronoscaphe hybrid watch

Rose gold, the tradition of goldsmithing

Clearly, we are deviating a bit from the conquest of space and its classic materials. The choice to use rose gold for the top of the range will mean working on a very specific case construction, to allow a final weight that does not penalize the wearing comfort. This technical challenge is also a consequence of the imposing size of the watch.


Pink Gold edition Chronoscaphe Luxury hybrid watch

Carbon for extraordinary mechanical properties

Isotropic carbon guarantees:  resistance to aggressive substances, maximum protection against shock and mechanical stress and thanks to its particular composition, it is an ideal barrier against electromagnetic radiation.


Carbon edition Chronoscaphe luxury hybrid watch

Watchmaking characteristics


Mechanical Movement 3 hands hours/minutes/seconds
Chronometric power reserve 48 hours selfwinding mechanism
Bezel Diameter 60 mm / ceramic disc
Steel 904 L / Titanium Grade 5 /Carbon / Pink Gold 5n 18k
Bracelet and Buccle

Nomex Strap and Velcro
Titanium Buccle

Water Resistance 100 M / 10 ATM
Cases Diameter 44 mm
Steel 904 L / Titanium Grade 5 /Carbon / Pink Gold 5n 18k

3 available versions: Civil Bracelet / Suit Bracelet / Carabiner


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